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QuickBurn 0.2

QuickBurn 0.2

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QuickBurn Editor's Review

QuickBurn is a simple application that burns CDs or DVDs with multi-session support.

The application is free and usually easy to use. Unfortunately, the good news end here.

This is one of the most unstable applications, I have ever used. The application didn't just crash, but it crashed my entire system. I though this was just an application, which was slowing down the operating system, but it wasn't like that. It was worse. I couldn't launch new applications, the applications already running couldn't be shutdown, and the Activity Monitor was crashing. The cherry on top of the pie was the fact that it killed my Apple menu so 'bye-bye Kansas' to a simple logoff or shutdown. After a forced shutdown on my Mac, I've tried the application again. It didn't kill my Mac's OS, but it was close with the slowdowns.

The producer said that the application has multi-session support. Well, where is it? I have tried with my test DVD+RW and it didn't work. After 6 successful burns, I couldn't start a second session on the same test disc.

The burning is a little easier, compared to the built-in Disk Burner, because you won't have to copy your data onto a burn folder, you just have to load a folder from your hard drive. The bad news is the fact that you can load only one folder, so if your data is spread around the disk, then you have to move it somehow in order to be able to burn it onto a disc.

The quick erase functionality works well with the inherent slowdown. This was the only feature that actually worked almost the way it is expected to work.

Pluses: it's free and it can erase your RW mediums in a nice way.

Drawbacks / flaws: almost everything I wrote above. It's useless to paste all down here.

In conclusion: if you like cordless bungee jumping software, you might give it a try. This is more like a preview release since the version is only 0.2 but come on, a little beta testing didn't kill anyone. The application does almost everything the producer said, but the producer forgot to mention how it's doing it. I might add: try CD Session Burner instead, or a great Open Source application, SimplyBurns.

version reviewed: 0.2

QuickBurn Publisher's Description

QuickBurn is a simple application for burning CDs or DVDs with multi-session support.

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